Building a Websoftware Agency

The problem that inspired Z3 Web

A shortage of modern web software know how, solution crafting and delivery.


Setting up an Agency in Berlin that consist of Websoftware Developers and product development consultants / project managers. Scaling of developer ressources via Freelancers from Brazil.

An excerpt of the confidential client list

For more Details about the company, please check out the company presentation and an portfolio excerpt


  • Location : Berlin (GER)
  • 2014 – 2017
  • Employees: 3 internal and 5-15 “permanent” freelancers

My role and impact

I co-founded Z3 Web and took responsibility as administrating the company, finance, marketing, business development and solution consulting and engineering management.

My impact were > 30 successful customer “cold” acquisitions such as for example SAP SE and SMMove via effective low budget (300€ monthly) online marketing campaigns.

We got recommended and ended up with a book contract to write about successful web project management. The book got completed to 75%. Due to capacity issues caused by strong software project delivery demand we decided to put the book on hold in order to grow the company. If I did it again, I contracted a professional writer instead of trying to pull this off next to leading a company.

Using my knowledge of the brazilian language and software market, i established a high quality and cost effective freelancer network in Brazil for Rails, Angular and Mobile App development counting more than twenty reliable senior professionals.

Two different clients i was responsible for started aqcuisition talks as they wanted to secure our organizational capabilities to source engineering and develop digital products.

I initiated various entrepreneurial attempts to indroduce a “product” to our income stream as we were solely relying on service fees to that point. As a event product for instance I launched together with a creative agency the “Growthhack Berlin” event concept which was pitched to e.g. Rocket Internet and P&G. I also

What happened

The demand pressure in 2016 forced us to make decision on either “broaden” the technology and client stack or focus on a certain client type and stack. We decided for the latter, canceled all contracts that did not fit the profile and focused on four projects. These four contracts did not work out as we hoped for a variety of reasons. We had to eventually file for insolvency in 2017. This ended up being a “master class” in business administration they do not teach at university.

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