Business Case workshop

Problem: A german software company has disposable capital that eventually will depreciate in value if it lingers on the “passive” side of the balance sheet.

The business case deliverable: Propose to Mgmt a) how to turn the passive capital into an asset that generates profit on the “active” side of the balance sheet and b) how to communicate that internally and externally.


The workshop is conducted together with a real company. The students will be briefed by the CEO, receive guidance and inspiration by a variety of input. The inspiration of this workshop was Michael Saylor the CEO of Micro Strategy who turned 500 Mio. USD profit from the passive side into a now > 2 Billion USD asset on the active side. This is just one example out of several inspirational financial moves he made.

Educational takeways:

The workshop is designed to teach how to

  • create a decision paper for C-levels Mgmt on a complex topic
  • research and learn about innovative financial products
  • communicate effectively