International online marketing and business development

The problem that inspired YALWA

Availability of local information and connection of people with their local community.


A location based classifieds app called Locanto, dating app called #dating and business directory called Yalwa. Each platform available in +5 languages and +40 countries.


  • Locations : Wiesbaden (GER)
  • My engagement: 2011 – 2013
  • Employees: 20-30
  • Website:
  • Founded and owned by Dr. Klaus Gapp

My role and impact

I was hired out of University as an Online Marketing specialist. After my initial two months training programme in Online Marketing and SEO i took on SEO campaigns, Data driven strategies and business deals aquisition. After four months i got promoted to Locanto Marketing Team head leading 5-7 marketers and 3-5 client support professionals.

My core impact was threefold:

  • Improving SERP performance of high leverage keywords such as “buy used cars delhi” (Locanto was the 2nd biggest classifieds ad site in India at the time, right behind OLX).
  • Training, supporting and hiring staff to deliver successful markering campaigns and client support.
  • Aquire business deals with strategic partners to improve content and service offering.

What happened

The company was doing very well and I started throughout my steep learning curve to dig into the tecnical site of online marketing. This lead eventually to taking two courses in web programming and web design and a passion for software development that gets reeinforced on a daily basis ever since. When i was a good enough developer, i picked up a few freelance projects and left the company on good terms. I am very greatful to Alfred van de Pol and Dr. Klaus Gapp who taught me how Online Marketing is done.