Online university course: Digital content creation


The course content creation is a module for the university’s remote bachelor programme.

Learning proposition

This course teaches conscience and skill about why and how to create digital content (the what).

Why: to effect change.

How: telling a story

What: copywriting, podcasting, visualisation of image and video formats, web and app design

The course image that stands on the shoulders of a giant

Central to the course’s surprising twist: “I signed up for digital content creation course, but am learning to effect change” of an otherwise practical course, is the image of William Shakespeare’s theatre plays. Shakespeare’s goal was to effect change in his audience (why). He custom build a theatre (how), wrote and staged a play (what) to make that happen.

The idea is to encourage the learner by the example of an undisbutably successful “content creator” who lived more than fourhundred years ago. We battle the impression that the fast paced world is outgrowing our capacities by making a point, that the principles of content creation then are as of today: know thy context and tools. Shakespeare had to learn the theater space context, stage, actors and playwrite as contemporary content creators have to learn about effective screen writing, digital device contexts, interface design and media design.

About the Authors

Daniel Khafif and Benedikt Girz are co-authoring this course combining their skills in effective communication and storytelling (Daniel) and digital expertise (Benedikt).