Why i started working on stakingrewards.com

After four and a half very successful and rewarding years leading the technology department at the european public finance SAAS solution of CAPVERIANT, i decided to embark on the journey to build decentral products and services with the epic team of stakingrewards.com (SR).

In this short post, i would like to share the motivation and vision behind the move, which has pretty much to do with staking, passive income, purpose and people chemistry. The founders and team was a straight people chemistry, value and vision fit for me. Since I stake my favorite coins for a while now and have been using SR since 2020 as a user to select validators and seek information about PoS projects of interest, i felt i knew some team members and the company spirit already. The following conversations just confirmed it.

SR is the data hub for staking yield information for large amount of crypto assets, growing by the day. The information wealth in this breath and depth is unique in the industry. Nevertheless thanks to research made available by SR I came to believe in the power of decentral systems with Proof of Stake (PoS) at the heart of its future, and the growth of size and importants of the PoS industry as a whole.

Even though, SR presents unique data and information on how to generate passive income in crypto, the execution requires a certain level of dedication and study in order to manage tokens, setup staking and secure the gains. Staking can be a high return, low risk passive income strategy compared to equivalents in traditional finance, if done properly. Unfortunately it is a skill that requires studying, building of financial intelligence, practice and dedication. All in all, the entry barrier for no coiners to staking yields is currently considerably high.

Here comes my motiviation in: as product manager of SR i strive to make staking gains available to SR users. In the easist and most secure manner possible. There are many reasons why i joined SR, but the biggest is that not only i in my role strive for the above mentioned, but the entire team as one.

I look forward to the journey with the incredible team and deliverying those juicy staking gains to an ever growing number of stakers.